We can provide all types of assistance for projects of any size. Our team is our most valuable resource and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best service possible.


Fluid Services are Sydney Water Listed Providers and have experience in Sydney Water Projects, civil infrastructure and subdivision works.

Water Main Drilling

Fluid Services can provide drilling work on Sydney Water mains and connections to the mains network.

Main-to-meter Water Supplies

As Sydney Water listed providers Fluid Services are authorised to carry out water property services installations. Mains to meter connections can be carried out on any development or new house connections.

Sewer Encasements

Any construction over the zone of influence or existing sewer requires an encasement of the existing sewer. Sewer encasement provides strength to the existing sewer and can prevent future leaks. Fluid Services are listed providers for Sydney water minor works and can provide sewer encasement.


Sewer sidelines connect the Sydney Water sewer mains to individual properties. Fluid Services as listed providers can provide sewer sidelines.

Water Main Constructors

Fluid Services are Sydney Water listed constructors and can carry out any water main major works construction, such as water main extensions, upgrade of existing mains and installations of new water mains.

Manhole Constructions

Fluid Services has an experienced team able to undertake manhole construction projects and all DTC Manholes from 1050mm to 1800mm

Sewer Diversions

Sewer diversion are required when new building / developments clash with existing sewer. Fluid Services are authorised as Sydney water listed providers to divert existing sewer mains.

Sewer Junctions

New junctions can be required when subdividing and adding new connections to existing mains. Fluid services can provide sewer junctions to Sydney Water sewer mains.

Backflow Prevention

Fluid Services are licensed plumbers qualified in back flow prevention testing.