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Caddens Hill Subdivision Stages 1-7

Client: JK Williams Contracting Location: Caddens, NSW Duration: 2017-2220

Key Components

  • 9193m of 225 & 150mm uPVC Reticulation
  • 54 Sydney Water Deemed to Comply Manholes
  • 29 Connections to existing Sydney Water network during off peak hour
  • 1km of Lead In Sewer

Project Summary

Fluid Services was engaged by JK Williams Contracting to construct a new reticulation sewer main and associated works for the subdivision of the Caddens Precinct. The sewer reticulation works will service approximately 2,500 residential lots via gravity back to the existing Sydney Water network. Fluid Services handed over the reticulation sewer over to Sydney Water who now owns, operates and maintains the infrastructure as part of their greater network.

Project Details

The reticulation sewer was constructed in varying environments, each requiring management of specific safety, community and environmental issues;

  • Liaising with local land owners
  • Work site along existing roadway (works completed under live traffic)
  • Wet and changing conditions – from swamp through to hard rock
  • Benching and shoring for deep sewer conditions

The pipe lines were installed in various terrain and surroundings including road reserve, paddocks, environmentally sensitive and protected areas. Installation of the pipelines was a critical activity to enable the quick registration of the 2,500 residential lots.

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