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Water Main Drilling

Fluid Services is accredited by Sydney Water to construct water connections.

For any development in the Greater Sydney area seeking to connect to water services, developers are required to use the services of an accredited plumber on the Sydney Water accreditations list. Fluid Services holds the required D1 accreditation and can provide water service connections including live main tap drilling up to 200mm in diameter.

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No Mains Water Supply?

Obtaining access to water mains is a tricky task best left to professionals. Apart from following strict codes and guidelines, private projects looking to tie into water mains must also account for mains alterations and extensions if necessary. 

Choosing a partner that can guarantee effective designs and installations in accordance with all relevant regulations can save your time and stress.

Our team is skilled at water main construction, and our accreditation makes drilling and tapping water mains for your projects possible without the usual wait. We handle all aspects of the main drilling operation, including connections, planning and safety precautions. We can assist with both water main upgrades and water main connection to a house.

Steps in the process of drilling and tapping a water main include the following:

  1. Inspection and Cleaning – When a water main is located for use, it must first be inspected to ensure it is in good condition. At this stage, cleaning can take place, ensuring the exposed main pipe is safe to work on without contaminating the water supply.
  2. Saddling and Tapping – Once the water main has been carefully inspected and properly cleaned, tapping can take place. At this stage, a special tapping machine is mounted onto the main pipe with a “saddle” that helps it create a watertight seal. A skilled operator maneuvers an appropriately sized tapping drill bit into the main pipe, then caps the new opening with minimal water loss. The potential for damage to city water mains makes this type of work exclusive to skilled and accredited providers. Partnering with the best ensures that your connection is made with high attention to detail.
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Fluid Services strives to provide quality, cost effective & on time solutions for your water & wastewater infrastructure projects.

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