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Waste Water Infrastructure

We are approved to complete any size wastewater infrastructure from gravity carrier mains to new housing development reticulation mains.

Fluid Services is an accredited Sydney Water contractor.

Fluid Services has listing capabilities to construct mains from 100mm – 750mm DN (Nominal Diameter) piping in materials that include PVC, GRP, DICIL, VC and PE.

We have the experience and ability to excavate and install sewers in challenging locations as our construction crews are highly trained in trench shoring and in working in confined spaces. We can employ open cut or trenchless methods to suit the situation.

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Complete Sewer Renovation

Sewer installations can be complex, costly and messy affairs. Traditionally, these operations required inordinate amounts of excavation, material preparation and labour to complete.

Sewer renovations were typically no less labour intensive, requiring similar amounts of work upfront to get done correctly. However, times have changed, and tremendous improvements in technology, methods and materials have made the process of installing or renovating plumbing systems of all kinds much more efficient.

Partnering with experts like Fluid Services who are committed to delivering top-notch results ensures that your project benefits from the field’s most recent developments.

Trench digging, system planning and pipe laying are our specialty. You can trust us to create the kinds of sewer installations that your project requires on time and to exacting specifications.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

It’s not always necessary to dig a trench to repair an existing sewer system. In fact, in some cases (such as historic buildings, etc.), it might not be feasible to access old sewer pipes in this way at all.

Instead, we can replace or repair pipes using cured-in-place materials or pipe bursting methods as needed. The former installs a liner in existing pipes after careful inspection of damage, while the latter pulls new tubing into place as old tubing is broken and moved out of the way. Both approaches are far less invasive than traditional trench digging and can yield excellent, lasting results.

As a Sydney Water accredited Major Works and Minor Works provider, we can help fix a blocked sewer main and take care of your main sewer pipe repair needs.

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