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Mulgoa Rise Wastewater Lead-In

Client: Mulpha Norwest Location: Glenmore Park Duration: 12 weeks

Key Components

  • Construction of 1.1km of 225mm & 150mm UPVC main
  • Construction of 1200 & 1050 DTC manholes
  • 5 connections to existing Sydney water assets
  • Bushland regeneration

Project Summary

Mulpha Norwest contracted Fluid Services to complete construction of two sections of wastewater lead-in at their Mulgoa Rise development in Glenmore Park. With no previous infrastructure on the site, we were required to create a corridor through environmentally sensitive bushland to connect to Sydney Water assets and facilitate the works. The tight construction corridor presented a range of challenges addressed with progressive construction methodologies. On completion, the wastewater infrastructure was handed to Sydney Water who now own, operate and maintain the system.

Project Details

Our team was faced with a number of challenges in constructing wet wells to deliver these wastewater lead-ins:

  • Working in environmentally sensitive area
  • Tight works corridor
  • Deep excavation shafts
  • Significant rock excavation

In addition to careful planning and assessment of the best methodologies to minimise impact on the bushland corridor, our team were responsible for liaising with neighbouring landowners throughout the project.

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