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Low Pressure Sewer

Fluid Services has installed variouss low pressure sewers, the systems comprise of a small bore sewage collection network with an individual pressure sewer pump at each dwelling.

A pressure sewerage system incorporates fully welded and sealed pipework that prevents infiltration into the network. The pressure characteristics of the system mean it is not reliant on constant falls in the direction of flow.

The pipework (normally polyethylene) is installed in shallow trenches which can be HDD through difficult terrain and sensitive areas resulting in minimal environmental impact. Fluid Services is Sydney Water accredited and has completed numerous projects over the Sydney & the Blue Mountains areas.

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Installing a low pressure sewerage system entails working within the boundaries set in place by local regulators. Fluid Services, a sewer infrastructure contractor based in Sydney, specialises in providing compliant sewer and water infrastructure in the Sydney area. Our team can install, upgrade and repair sewer lines and sewer mains to meet Sydney Water’s exacting specifications, while abiding by the requirements dictated by your project. This ensures that your project’s completed sewer lines can be connected to Sydney Water sewer mains without any complications or unforeseen costs.

A low pressure sewerage system conducts waste water from residences and other buildings to established sewer mains for further processing. This is accomplished by way of an independent pump installed onsite. Low pressure systems are perfect for flat areas, uphill sewer lines and other scenarios where gravity fed systems would be impractical.

Fluid Services are also licensed plumbers and equipped to construct entire sewer sidelines that can be used to bring sewer flow access to multiple newly constructed properties and entire housing developments as needed. Our team takes all vital precautions in constructing new sewerage systems and connection to existing Sydney Water Sewer Mains.

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