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Potable & Recycled Water Infrastructure

A significant percentage of the projects constructed by Fluid Services involve the construction of Water and Recycled Water pipelines.

Our experience in water includes laying all types of truck and reticulation main ranging in size from 100mm to 750mm in DN. All crews are accredited in the installation of various materials from PVC , DICI to Sintakote steel pipe. Our Sydney Water accreditation allows us to provide a variety of services ranging from open cut and trenchless installation. 

Fluid services has the in house experience to construct water infrastructure for a range of projects including new installations for subdivisions and road widenings/ upgrades to renewals and adjustments.

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Construction of Water Mains involves accommodating a variety of details, including all relevant regulatory guidelines set forth by local utility providers, such as Sydney Water or Local Councils. Sydney Water establishes that factors such as meter position must be planned out in advance before an application for a new connection to an existing water main can be made. Fluid Services can handle the installation of  water mains including domestic water connections / mains to meters and, as a Sydney Water accredited constructor, we can ensure that all installed systems can be safely connected to existing mains.

Fluid Services is equipped for full construction of water mains project management. We can install your water mains using traditional trenching and excavation methods or implement advanced horizontal drilling techniques using specialised equipment wherever possible. Connecting to water mains is also possible through our services and expertise. Our accreditation makes connecting to Sydney Water’s mains possible once all other planning requirements have been met.

When Fluid Services takes on a Water Main construction project, all aspects of the project are accounted for and handled, including:

  1. Initial inspection of the area and marking of existing subsurface service utilities
  2. Trenching or drilling and installing suitable mains pipes
  3. Creation of necessary structures to Sydney Water specifications
  4. Connection to water mains

If you are planning a new water main installation project or are looking to upgrade an existing mains connection, reach out to our expert staff to learn how we can help.

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