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Backflow Prevention / Civil Plumbing Services

Fluid Services can provide plumbing services to local councils and strata subdivision communities for to public areas such as parks and community areas.

  • Construction of main to meter services 
  • Repairs & maintenance to truck & reticulation mains
  • Fire services installations and repairs
  • Water meter replacements and repairs 
  • Water services transfers 
  • Temporary water services 
  • Water pressure testing and sampling 
  • Backflow prevention installation and annual testing

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Throughout Australia and the world, backflow testing is essential to preserving public safety and protecting our shared potable water supply. Here at Fluid Services, we take special care to conduct comprehensive backflow tests for all installations, ensuring your plumbing is safe and compliant with all relevant laws and guidelines.

Backflow prevention in Sydney is not optional. Sydney Water backflow rules are highly precise: to connect to drinking and recycled water supplies, you will need to have the proper backflow prevention device set up at your property boundary or immediately after your master meter.

Providing functioning backflow preventers where they’re needed, as well as testing pressure to ensure your system works as intended once they’re in place, is a very important part of everything we do. Testing and retesting after modifications to your system are responsibilities we take very seriously.

As an accredited Sydney Water contractor, Fluid Services brings time-honed experience and expertise to your project, providing everything needed to install both water and wastewater infrastructure in accordance with all zoning codes and regulations.

We can accurately assess your site’s hazard rating and optimise your backflow prevention designs accordingly. For high hazard properties, necessary air gaps, break tanks or pressure reduction zones can be installed to fit your needs.

We are equipped to handle all essential parts of the pipe-laying and planning process. From establishing new connections to existing water mains to installing all-new mains and more, Fluid Services can help see your project through to completion.

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Fluid Services strives to provide quality, cost effective & on time solutions for your water & wastewater infrastructure projects.

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