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Sewer Encasements Minor works

Sewer Encasements Minor Works

Fluid Services is a Sydney Water Contractor that offers Sydney Water Sewer Encasements and Sewer Sidelines that follow local code and guidelines.

When sewer system installations are expected to be placed under significant load during use, it becomes much more important to protect them. Sewer encasement operations establish a protective shell or barrier around existing pipes to provide better resistance to stress and strain. The barrier of choice is typically concrete which offers excellent protective qualities when mixed and installed correctly.

At Fluid Services, we go above and beyond in installing encased sewer lines and encasing existing pipes, ensuring they are sound and up to code ahead of time. Once encased, additional construction can take place on top of the sewer main, etc.

How Sewer Encasements Work

Sewer encasement can be a relatively simple process on the surface, but the details involved are worth taking into account. In many cases, Sydney Water can issue encasement among its requirements that must be met before a section 73 compliance certificate can be granted to you or your organisation. 

Many kinds of minor works can cause encasement to be prioritised by local authorities. Whether you are planning a commercial development, an industrial installation or residential construction, any work that could negatively impact the sewer main will call for encasement.

Typical steps in the sewer encasement process can be summarised as follows:

  • Excavating to lay new pipes or replace existing ones.
  • Supporting both the top and bottom sides of all pipes to be encased so that they remain centred within the final concrete encasement.
  • Pouring the actual concrete encasement and backfilling the hole or trench encased pipes are laid in.
Sydney Water Sewer Encasement

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