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Denham Court Rd Upgrade

Client: JK Williams Contracting Location: Willowdale Leppington Duration: 45 weeks

Key Components

  • Construct 15m 150mm mPVC PN16, 410m of 250mm mPVC & 50m of MSCL 5mm;
  • 11 hydrants & 5 stop valves;
  • Supply and install of brackets for bridge crossing as per DTC-1128;
  • 20:1 sand cement backfill for all mains within road corridor as per design;
  • 3 Connections to existing Sydney Water Main;
  • Disuse of existing mains;
  • Compaction testing of all trenches;
  • Pressure testing of all mains;
  • Stock pile of spoil on site as nominated by civil contractor;
  • Services locating and potholing;
  • Temp restorations of road way;

Project Summary

  • Construct 436.23m of 225mm bore
  • Excavation of all launch and receiver pits
  • Construction of 5 1200mm manholes
  • 2 stage pours for 3 manholes
  • Piling of man hole at CH131.33 including steel sleeve
  • 20:1 sand cement backfill for all manholes in roadway
  • 1 Connection to existing Sydney Water Main
  • Services locating and potholing
  • Compaction testing of all trenches
  • Pressure testing of all mains
  • Stock pile of spoil on site as nominated by civil contractor
  • Removal of slurry from bore
  • Additional Survey control for boring contractor
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