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Waterloo Rd Macquarie Park

Client: Property NSW Location: Macquarie Park Duration: 14 weeks

Key Components

  • 83m of 225mm uPVC Reticulation
  • 10 Sydney Water Deemed to Comply Manholes
  • Concrete encasement of 690m of sewer main
  • Connection to existing Sydney Water network during off peak hours

Project Summary

Fluid Services was engaged by Property NSW to construct a new reticulation sewer main and associated works for the subdivision of the future Macquarie Business Park. The gravity reticulation works will connect and service six high-rise commercial developments to the existing Sydney Water network. The new infrastructure is now owned, operated and maintained by Sydney Water.

Project Details

As the reticulation sewer was constructed in uncontrolled fill, shoring boxes were required throughout construction. To meet council’s high standards for sewers within roadways, Level 1 compaction was delivered involving:

  • Raising moisture content of backfill material
  • Compacting backfill layers in 300mm increments
  • Padfoot rolling of backfill material

To minimise disruption and ensure ‘low flows’ within the existing sewer network, connection to Sydney Water infrastructure was undertaken at night, allowing for smooth completion of the project within the allocated timeframe. On completion and handover, we were complimented by local stakeholders on minimal construction disruption.

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