Sewer Mains Repairs, Renewals and Deviations

Sewer Mains Alterations and Deviations

Alterations or deviations of sewer mains may be required for new developments, property extensions, and property subdivisions that conflict with existing sewer systems. 

If you’re building a new property that requires any alterations or deviations to be made to the surrounding sewer system, or if your existing property is being subdivided and requires sewer main alterations, give the experts at Fluid Services a call or get in touch at

Renewals and Upgrades

Renewals or upgrades of sewer mains may be required for pipes that have deteriorated, sustained damage, or are simply made of outdated materials. In Sydney it is recommended that pipes made of clay or cast iron are replaced with PVC pipes, as this material has greater ease of handling, is less susceptible to damage, and has proven success. Replacing old or deteriorating sewer pipes with PVC will add to their longevity and strengthen your drains lines. 

If you have old or damaged sewer pipes that need to be replaced, renewed, or upgraded – give Fluid Services a call today on 1300 035 843.


  • What material is a sewer main constructed of?
    The recommended materials for sewer mains in Sydney are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) surrounded by concrete, however many older pipes are still made of iron and clay. If the pipes on your property are made of these materials, get in contact with Fluid Services to discuss upgrading.
  • Who is responsible for sewers in my area?
    You are responsible for the sewer systems inside your property boundary, outside this boundary sewers are the responsibility of Sydney Water.
  • Do clay pipes need to be replaced?
    Clay sewer pipes are fragile, have low tensile strength, and are highly porous, which means that surrounding tree roots tend to target them, making them highly susceptible to damage. Typically we suggest that the sooner you replace your clay pipes, the better. Contact the team at Fluid Services to arrange your sewer pipe replacement today.


Fluid Services is a Sydney Water accredited Sewer Mains Contractor that has the capabilities, qualifications and experience needed.

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