Sewer Sidelines

What are Sewer Sidelines?

When developing a new property or subdividing an existing one a new sewer main connection may be required to fulfil wastewater requirements. Sewer Sidelines are sections of pipe that branch off from the sewer main in order to satisfy these requirements. Whilst the sewer main is taken care of by Sydney Water, these sidelines are the responsibility of the individual property owners up until the point where they join the main.

Why choose Fluid for your Sewer Sideline construction or maintenance?

If you’re building a new property that requires Sewer Sideline construction, or if your existing property is being subdivided and requires a Sewer Sideline addition, give the experts at Fluid Services a call. You can be confident that our technicians will construct your Sewer Sidelines with the utmost efficiency and precision.

Give Fluid Services a call on 1300 035 843 to organise a quote today.


  • Can you build over Sewer Sidelines?In general you cannot build over Sewer Sidelines as they must remain easily accessible.
  • When are Sewer Sidelines required?Sewer Sidelines are required for properties that are located too far away from the sewer main to meet Sydney Water requirements.
  • How much does it cost to construct a Sewer Sideline?Final cost will depend on your unique situation and factors such as the location of the planned property development. Give Fluid Services a call on 1300 035 843 to organise a quote today.