Sydney Water Pegouts

What is a Sydney Water Pegout?

A pegout is a service protection report that determines the location and environment surrounding the existing Sydney Water Asset at your proposed development site. The report will specify the kind of service asset, the strata in which the asset is laid, and the depth to invert. Pegouts are required for anyone looking to build on or adjacent to a Sydney Water Asset, and will help to determine whether there are any special requirements that need to be taken into account during your build.

The process of obtaining a Sydney Water Pegout from Fluid Services is simple; one of our trained technicians will attend the site and locate the asset within your proposed development area. A pegout will then be prepared detailing the information that the technician has acquired.

Why choose Fluid for your Sydney Water Pegout?

Here at Fluid Services we’ll locate any nearby water assets with efficiency and precision, providing you with a detailed and accurate pegout for Sydney Water to approve.

Contact Fluid Services today to organise your Sydney Water Pegout and get your build underway faster.


  • How much does a Sydney Water Pegout cost?Final cost will depend on your unique situation and factors such as the location of the planned property development
  • Why do I need a Sydney Water Pegout?A pegout is required to determine firstly whether a build is possible in the desired location, and secondly whether there are any considerations that need to be made during the build to ensure that nearby Sydney Water Assets remain undamaged.

Are you building a deck, granny flat, swimming pool or a new property on or near a Sydney sewer main? You’ll need a pegout from Fluid Services. Get yours today call today on 1300 035 843